Hello and welcome to the website of Newtown United Reformed Church!

My name is Diane and I'm the Minister of the church. I've been at Newtown since July 2015 and am enjoying getting to know the people and the area, as well as leading the church in developing its faith and mission.

I do this work for love, not money, and am also the Minister at our sister church, Toll Bar with Prescot URC. In addition I have a part-time paid job, supporting people with disabilities. It is a great privilege to be doing work that is so worthwhile, and above all to follow God's calling in my life. 

Newtown is a very friendly church, always looking for ways of reaching out and welcoming new people. We would love to see you at any of our services or events, whether you are a church-goer or not. Do get in contact if you want to know more or if I can help you in any way.

God bless


Rev Diane Barrow

Pastoral Letter

Greetings to you, Newtown Church Family!

It is good to be in touch with you all. As you read this letter, be assured that your church family is still here, is with you in spirit and only too happy to provide a listening ear or practical help - just give someone a call!

I know that a lot of people are finding it very hard to not be able to go out and do the things they like to do and meet with people. This means that many of the things that people distract themselves with have been taken away and they have time and space to think. When so much is taken away, it also makes you realise what is most important to you, and for the world. This is a time when maybe more than ever before, people are asking themselves deep questions, which may lead them to search for God.

What a blessing it is to know that we can turn to God in prayer at any time - we are never alone! I have put a notice on the church gate saying that we are praying during this crisis, and a similar one in my front room window. People passing by our house have stopped to read the notice, and I pray it will be the same at Newtown. So among the many things that we can pray for at this time, let's not forget to pray for people in our community to turn to prayer and open their hearts to God.

At the end of this month we will celebrate the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit first came down upon those who believed in Christ, and because of their witness, thousands were added to their number. Those believers had been praying together during the 50 days following Jesus' resurrection and God answered their prayers in wonderful ways. God is the same today as he was then - so let's pray with expectation!

And let's not limit our prayers to our local community or our nation. God cares about the whole world. At the time of writing, the United Nations has just issued a warning that there could be widespread hunger and famine as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Some governments have reacted by stopping exports of food products; in many countries there is a shortage of field workers due to movement restrictions; and the work of humanitarian agencies has been restricted. This month we normally remember Christian Aid week. Let's pray for God's provision and consider what we can do to help the aid effort in the poorest, most vulnerable parts of the world.

God bless and shield you and keep you in his peace.



Prayers for our Church and Community

Please pray for Newtown URC and the community in which we are placed. Here are some points to get you started:

· For us all to grow in love for God and for one another

· For the money that we need, not only to maintain the church and pay the bills, but to expand our work for the Lord

· For more people to join us at social events and in worship

· For the ability to listen - to God and to the community

· For Queens Park Primary School: all the staff, children and their families, and for the assemblies this year which will teach the children the whole Bible

· For the families and individuals living in the streets around us

· For the businesses nearby

· For all those providing services to the community

· For our neighbouring churches: Bethel Mission, St Luke's and St Teresa's.

4 Knowsley Road, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 4PW

Minister: Rev Diane Barrow

Tel: 0151 352 1343